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"Most internet abductors email their target for months before arranging a meeting - and the parents never know."
IPA Child Safety Report 2004


Protect your children


Young Gifted Children have a lot more to discuss, a lot more to communicate with the world, earlier than other children. Often they have no peers next door or even in the same town.

But they are still children with little real experience. They are often still too young to deal with emails advertising smut sites and still vulnerable to online predators - perhaps more so because they are craving acceptance of their precocious ideas.

How do we give them the freedom to explore and the freedom to express themselves and find peers and yet still protect them as children?

JOIN SAFE2READ - and your problem will be solved!

Safe2read allows you to allocate everyone in your family their own email account, with a level of automatic supervision appropriate to their age.

You need to decide ONCE if each of your child's email friends is suitable - after that you are only alerted when strangers come calling.

This works with ANY internet provider.


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  • Members can have up to 10 email addresses at

  • Each email address can be allocated by yourself to be supervisor, supervised or regular email address.

  • Supervised addresses can have one or more supervisors.
    a 'good list' (friends and people you know and trust)
    a 'bad list' (people you NEVER want your child to contact) and
    a 'watch list' (people who your are not sure about and want to keep an eye on). 

  • Everyone on the good or bad lists is handled automatically by our mail robot.

  • A copy of all mail to and from anyone on the watch list is sent to the supervisors for the child.

  • You can instruct the mail robot, who is under your control, as to what to do with any email address not on the lists.

  • You can tell it to:
    Watch or Supervise these unknown emails.

    Supervised emails are first sent to the supervisors for approval. They are approved and sent on to the child when you reply to the supervision email.


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